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  3. Does anyone remember the Big N Cheesy from Mcdonalds?

User Info: phobia881

10 months ago#1
I just vaguely remembered seeing a commercial for this item back in the 90s. It was 4 patties and looked pretty obnoxious. But a Google and Youtube search for it is turning up nothing at all. Am I experiencing the Mandela Effect or was this a real thing?

I remember the Big N Tasty. This was something different.

User Info: wannabepranksta

10 months ago#2
I think you just dreamt it
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User Info: phobia881

10 months ago#3
Here's the only mention of it I've found online so far. The comment is over a decade old at this point.

"What your referring to is was called the "Big and Cheesy" it was a triple cheeseburger, that was first introduced around 1997 and pulled shortley after, 1 was health concerns for the general public, and the second was the cost of the meat."

It's still odd how it's nowhere to be found on any list of past Mcdonalds items and there aren't any commercials on Youtube like there is for pretty much every other Mcdonalds item ever. There was definitely a commercial where some middle aged guy was sitting in a McD's, made a comment of the sandwich, and then they showed a side view of his face taking a bite of the thing.

User Info: WhiteWolf338

10 months ago#4
I do remember something vaguely like this. A lot of restaurants at the time were doing burgers with up to 4 patties on them and yeah the public started getting angry. I remember them being pulled shortly after.
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User Info: xvolution

10 months ago#5
You might mean the Big Cheese, which was a variant of the Bit N Tasty in the UK where it only had the meat and cheese with a special cheese sauce. It was discontinued after the promotion for it ended in 2007.
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User Info: phobia881

10 months ago#6
This was in the mid-late 90s and in America. The 10+ year old comment I found on Yahoo Answers is the only reference I've found so far and I'm pretty sure that comment is talking about the sandwich I'm remembering.

Sorry to get bent out of shape over a fast food item, but this is my first experience searching for a vivid childhood memory and coming up with nothing.

User Info: dark lancer

dark lancer
10 months ago#7
I want a cheeseburger that is all cheese. Like, here's a chunk of gouda, put that on a hamburger bun and call it a day.
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User Info: McCutchen

10 months ago#8
I remember in Wisconsin they had something that sounds similar, and it was based on Marco Rivera from the Green Bay Packers. Google doesn't really bring up anything, though.


It was just a double burger, with some weird liquid cheese in addition to regular cheese and I think Onion.
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User Info: 12amMadman

10 months ago#9
I remember a big n tasty
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User Info: lostsymphony

10 months ago#10
McDonald's is the world's largest restaurant chain whose failed items have always been well documented, so my hot take on this is it never existed.
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