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  3. Chipotle's 'queso' is getting universally panned.

User Info: ThePatrick

1 year ago#11
The texture is bad and the cheese flavor itself isn't what I expected. It's not sharp enough or something.

Also, their chips are already seasoned (I mean beyond salt) and that makes using it as a dip for them perhaps a little strange in my opinion.
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User Info: pizza_please

1 year ago#12
Ludwig Von 2 posted...
There is no way Qdoba provides “more bang for the buck.” That place is good, but it’s f***ing expensive as s***.

Ah my bad, I haven't been there in years
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User Info: DigitalFury_

1 year ago#13
Assuming they are using a traditional bechamel base to make the cheese sauce, then it seems like something as simple as not warming the milk up before mixing it with the roux. Cold or room temp milk can kill a cheese sauce pretty quickly.
And then, are they using pre-shredded bagged cheese? Or are they shredding from a block? I've found my best cheese sauces come from freshly shredded cheese and bagged cheese is more prone to a grainy mouth feel.
Lastly, are they adding that cheese a little at a time? Allowing the cheese to melt and the sauce to come back to temp before adding more makes a big difference.

In a fast food setting, there is so much that can go wrong with a homemade cheese sauce because it can be a finicky product to make if you're not careful
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User Info: kozlo100

1 year ago#14
I'm almost certain they're not making it in-store, which is probably where many of their problems stem from.

I can't imagine trying to make a truck-stable cheese sauce at scale out of 'natural' ingredients.
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User Info: My_Unit

1 year ago#15
Im having a different problem. I love Chipotle but how do i get rid of the blood stains in my underwear from it?
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  3. Chipotle's 'queso' is getting universally panned.
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