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User Info: Lil_Bit83

6 days ago#1
Is your first your fave?

What was your first Zelda? Is it your favorite? One of your favorites? In the middle? Didn't like it?

My first Zelda was The Legend of Zelda. Its not my #1 fave, but it is my second fave, so its high up there still.
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User Info: GotConfetti

6 days ago#2
OoT was my first and although it’s a great game and I love it a lot, it’s not my favorite. MM and BotW beat it. The nostalgia factor is strong though.
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User Info: DiogenesKC

6 days ago#3
not quite. the first one i played was oot (via rental) and i never managed to get into it. it was slow and a bit too confusing to me at the time, i sucked at stealth so getting into the castle to meet zelda stonewalled me for a while, and eventually i just burned out either in or soon after dodongo's cavern and moved on.

the first zelda i actually liked is my favorite, though. i tried majora years later (again via rental) and while i still wasn't very good at it i was drawn into the concept far deeper than oot managed. i don't think i actually beat it at the time but i at least got a ways into ikana, and the game really stuck with me even after i stopped renting it. it sent me on a path of trying other zelda games, which i slowly got a better grasp of, and when i eventually returned to majora i enjoyed it even more.
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User Info: Drunkie

6 days ago#4

User Info: Wind_Waker

6 days ago#5
Yes, I love myself.

User Info: Thrasher7170

6 days ago#6
Wind Waker was my first, but Twilight Princess is my favorite.
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User Info: imagine606

6 days ago#7
My first was the original, and while I still love the game, it's not in my top ten.

User Info: ChimiChanga

6 days ago#8
Skyward Sword is my first Zelda ever, I know the game gets a lot of bad critics but I still love it, thoughmy favorite Zelda is my second one which is Wind Waker.
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User Info: nurlen

6 days ago#9
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User Info: Atreides27

6 days ago#10
No, OoT was my first but was consistently improved upon with later titles. Though for nostalgic purposes, it could be my favourite. OoT was magical to me when I was a kid.
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