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User Info: ssj3mike89

8 months ago#1
Trying to abolish "random" in every region, not having much luck. Going to a region that has it, challenging someone, then quitting in the triple triad screen. A rule keeps spreading, but nothing is being removed
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User Info: IYamiBakuraI

7 months ago#2

This person seems to have abolished random in just about everywhere it existed. After all if you are going for all the rare cards, people tend to abolish random everywhere it could be. Fuzzfinger also has tons of videos on it as well due to the queen of cards quest.
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User Info: munding12

6 months ago#3
You would really go out your way to learn how rules spread or abolish.
When mixing rules, after the game there would be one of these 3 scenarios: No thing changed, A Rule is adopted, A rule is abolished from the region.
Adopting rule and nothing happens occurs more frequently than abolish a rule.
You can manipulate the RNG seed to make the game always go for abolishing a specific rule you want to abolish.
Carry rules not in the region of the rule you want to abolish so they player would want to mix.
Find a save point with a draw point nearby or in a few screen transition away from save point.
Save then Exit. Load (this will reset the RNG seed). Examining the draw point by number of times moves the RNG seed. Challenging/declining/accepting also moves the seed.


Try # magazine check = # draw point interact
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