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User Info: roachbusters

8 months ago#1
And has it been fixed yet?

User Info: Red_Maxx_XIII

8 months ago#2
There have been bugs in these re-released Final Fantasy games where music tracks restart themselves from the beginning every time players get to the point where they should play. For example, when you leave a location and get back to the world map, the world map theme plays and starts over from the beginning.

This makes sense in most areas, but the problem is, it's occurring in areas where the audio tracks are supposed to stop and then resume again where it stopped in the original Playstation 1 version, by design. But instead, they start over from the beginning.

Here are some examples:

  • [This issue was fixed with a patch long ago] In Final Fantasy 7, the first time you reached the World Map after leaving Midgar, the world map theme is supposed to start in the middle of the audio track, this was the designer's intention, but it would actually start at the very beginning in these re-releases. Also, when leaving the world map to enter a town and then going back out to the world map, the track once again restarts from the beginning, but it's actually supposed to resume at the exact spot where the track left off before you entered the town. That's how the Playstation 1 version was designed. It makes sense to start it from the beginning, but they were designed to resume where you left off because the music track is so long before it loops, so they elected to have the music resume instead, or else most people would never hear the entire track.
  • In Final Fantasy 8, there's a notable example of where this issue happens. When reaching Galbadia Garden for the first time ever, there's a cutscene of Galbadian soldiers flying around on large jetbacks in the air over the Garden, and the camera eventually pans on the entrance where Squall and his team arrive. The audio track that plays has a dramatic build-up that is only ever supposed to play when you arrive for the first time during the cutscene with the jetpack soldiers. Once we see Squall, the Garden's normal theme plays, and every time you leave and re-enter, it's supposed to start the audio track from the point where we see Squall after the cutscene. Instead, it plays that dramatic build-up as if the cutscene was playing, but it doesn't play because it's not supposed to ever again after that first time. Here's what I mean:
The point where we see the cutscene:

Here's where the track is supposed to start every other time after seeing that cutscene:

It probably happens elsewhere in the game too, but there seems to be zero interest from Square Enix in fixing the issue like they did for Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 9, and I think also Final Fantast 10 and 10-2.
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