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User Info: analyticalkeys

1 year ago#1
How does this run handheld? Any significant drop from docked mode?

I’ve had a real hit or miss experience with handheld mode. Some games are absolutely awesome while others are a blurry mess.

User Info: rock85cool

1 year ago#2
none, it’s perfectly fine.

User Info: analyticalkeys

1 year ago#3
rock85cool posted...
none, it’s perfectly fine.

Great news. I’ve played this game so many times over the years but never actually beat it. I wanted to give it another chance but haven’t had much time to sit in front of a TV so handheld mode would be perfect for this.

User Info: -Ando-

1 year ago#4
I enjoy it more in handheld. No input lag on the gunblade. The smaller screen is a better display for the mess that is the graphics (remaster notwithstanding)

User Info: Taipan041

9 months ago#5
This game is great in handheld mode.
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