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  3. Patch is out. What's it for?

User Info: HakuMan111386

3 weeks ago#1
Anyone know?

User Info: silverstreakusa

3 weeks ago#2
Finally fixed the midi music bugs!!!
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User Info: Rude Hero

Rude Hero
3 weeks ago#3
Really!? Yeeess!
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User Info: Banana_Cyanide

3 weeks ago#4
Is that all? There's no way a nearly 1gb patch if fixing just the midi bug.
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User Info: FallenStar2565

3 weeks ago#5
I am also curious about this, being that I only just now learned it was a thing when it started to download. @_@
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User Info: jblrulez

3 weeks ago#6
Maybe they fixed when Cid goes back to PS1 graphics in that one scene?

Maybe they changed the battle menu fps?

User Info: SammyKneen

3 weeks ago#7
They also stopped the white glove from flickering after selecting something in the menus so it no longer has the chance to cause image retention or screen burn-in thankfully.

This was the main issue for me as it actually made me scared to play the game after seeing what it was doing to people’s screens before the update:

(edited 3 weeks ago)

User Info: Filth_Nasty

3 weeks ago#8
This is great to hear. I wish I could find more info on this patch.
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User Info: rock85cool

2 weeks ago#9
As long as it doesn’t fix old school exploits such as Angelo farming.
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User Info: serpentaurus

2 weeks ago#10
Did it fix R1 trigger with Squall gunblade back to PS1 status?
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  3. Patch is out. What's it for?
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