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  3. Is There Any Real Downside to Turning Off Random Battles?

User Info: Losttraveler

4 weeks ago#1
I kind of just want to focus on the story this time around. Will I be screwed over at some point, or will the infinite HP mode be good enough for bosses?
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User Info: SpaghettiNoodle

4 weeks ago#2
The game scales enemies to your level so it's no at all.
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User Info: ArcaneSpiezer

4 weeks ago#3
Its very possible to cheese the game even without the boosters. So yeah you can just zip through if you wanted.

User Info: Losttraveler

4 weeks ago#4
Right, I forgot all about the scaling.
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User Info: DouglasQuade

4 weeks ago#5
It's useful once you've maxed out everyone and everything. You can just push through after that point.
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User Info: dantedeschain13

4 weeks ago#6
Just bear in mind if you are using the infinite stat things, you can still be killed if you get hit for more than your max HP. So if you never junction anything and something hits you for 2000, you will die
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User Info: Snake_eyebrows

4 weeks ago#7
Just make sure you are getting AP for your GF abilities. Spend some time killing cactaurs and you'll never need random battles for anything, except drawing, and possibly carding.

User Info: Weejiez

3 weeks ago#8
It'll make the game a breeze, especially if you play any triple triad and refine the cards for magic to junction.

User Info: AshleyTheTiger

3 weeks ago#9
Seed rank will go down. Im on disc 3 with alot of no battles an its rank 6, started at 11, timber boosted it to 12, nothing too bad, means more of a pain using the test to raise seed rank for the trophy.

Its something to do with the battles, fight alot, it goes up, avoid battles alot it goes down.

The bonus money? Just do that money trick (buy x item refine to mega potion sell mega potion, think it needs tonberry gf tho)
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User Info: Ariax

3 weeks ago#10
Experience grinding isn't nearly as important in this game as it is in other JRPGs. In fact, it actually HELPS if you don't level up too much.
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  3. Is There Any Real Downside to Turning Off Random Battles?
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