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  3. Any "traditions" you do while playing?

User Info: Cory898

1 month ago#11
I always go into the Deling city sewer during the first Laguna sequence to stock up on Life.

Partly because it’s the first chance to get the Rinoa card but mostly because of the absurdity of it all plotwise, I like to make a side trip to Deling city before going to the missile base. I find it funny that with a missile attack on Balamb Garden imminent the game still lets me go somewhere else to play cards. Add to that the fact that Squall isn’t even in my party.
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User Info: geckodogma

1 month ago#12
tonberrymasta posted...
You can get all the cards up to level 5 and Ifrit, Minimog, and Quistis before reaching Timber. Not sure why I do this though...
Before Timber, you can have Zell, Diablos and Seifer.
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User Info: nfobia

1 month ago#13
I always draw 100 every magic for every current party member.
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User Info: SeeDStephen

1 month ago#14
Isn't there a fisherman in Balamb town that holds level 6 cards though?
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User Info: Reciful_II

1 month ago#15
I always solo Seifer fights with Squall
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User Info: Then0rm

1 month ago#16
I make the people in my house jump up and down on one foot as I load up the game.
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User Info: Lunatic_Dorg

1 month ago#17
I restrict how strong I am through junctions but level up as much as I can without extensive farming so that the game is harder and longer. Also The GFs have to go to the right people. Here's a text thingy i wrote for myself to help set up my party for different stages of the game.

Squall – Ifrit Diabolos Leviathan Alexander Eden
Zell/2nd Char – Shiva Siren Carbuncle Pandemona Doomtrain Bahamut
Irvine/3rd Char – Quezacotl Brothers Cerberus Cactuar Tonberry

Place - All Stats - HP
Fire Cavern - 25 - 900
Dollet - 30 - 1000
Timber - 40 - 1200
Galbadia-Disc 2 - 50 - 1500

Disc 2 Start - 60 - 1800
Missible Base - 65 - 2000
Balamb - 70 - 2100
FH-Balamb Town - 80 - 2400
Garden Battle - 90 - 2700

Disc 3 Start - 100 - 3000
Salt Lake - 110 - 3300
Esthar-Moonbase - 120 - 3600
Esthar Assault - 125 - 3800
Moonbase-Land - 130 - 4000
Bahamut - 140 - 4300
Lunatic Pandora - 150 - 4600
Disc 4 - 255 - 9999
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User Info: lezardthewizard

1 month ago#18
Get all cards ASAP
Draw all "new" magic at least once, the ????? when I draw annoys me.
I always press R1 when a character hit, not only Squall :P
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User Info: Spadamack23

1 month ago#19
Kaliesto posted...
Balamb's music kind of makes me think about the high school days, so I just chill for a bit reminiscing.

Same man....same. Sometimes I even just listen to it on YouTube if I'm out somewhere, or unable to turn on the actual game.

User Info: TGS55

1 month ago#20
Everyone on this forum is always arguing over whether Quistis or Rinoa is the best girl for Squall. I'd say neither. I always junction Shiva--FFVIII's real best girl--to Squall. She'll never junction with anyone else while I'm around.

Aside from that, I always get Lionheart on Disc 1. Lots of card games and lots of high level magics collected by soloing Seifer.
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