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  3. I think "Man with the Machine Gun" is the best song on the game.

User Info: BrosukeHanamura

1 month ago#1
Laguna's battle theme for those that don't recall it.
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User Info: lezardthewizard

1 month ago#2
Indeed my friend, indeed
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User Info: Siegfriedl88

1 month ago#3
i prefer Ami
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User Info: sano83

1 month ago#4
"Force your way" for me.
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User Info: goodlyoak

1 month ago#5
Blue fields for me.

User Info: Optimist_Pryme

1 month ago#6
Completely agree on "Man With the Machine Gun", however, for me personally, it comes in probably third, behind "Eyes On Me" and "Liberi Fatali" -- but outside those two major themes of the game, I love listening to MWTMG while cruising down the freeway and feeling like I'm 21 again (how old I was when game first released). ^_^
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User Info: Yuji Kaido

Yuji Kaido
1 month ago#7
It's catchy.
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User Info: AndroidConnor

1 month ago#8
It's one of my favorites. I also like Only A Plank Between One and Perdition because it gets me hyped up during the Battle of the Gardens section.

User Info: hizumi84

1 month ago#9
Fisherman Horizon, Julia theme and Ragnarok theme (Ride On) are my most favorite song in the game.
A lot of people like Laguna, but I just don't really like playing as him.
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User Info: shinryu_omega

1 month ago#10
I've hear a lot of people don't like that track, but for me it's three way tie between that, Maybe I'm a Lion and The Extreme.
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  3. I think "Man with the Machine Gun" is the best song on the game.
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