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User Info: TG_Wolf

4 days ago#1
Hmmm? - Results (194 votes)
4.12% (8 votes)
5.15% (10 votes)
6.7% (13 votes)
25.77% (50 votes)
35.05% (68 votes)
23.2% (45 votes)
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Who did you use the least throughout the game?

For me it was Kisara, since she's by far the least useful member.

To put it into perspective; when I reached Lv100 with everyone and all other characters Proficiency values were at 9999 (except Law's Spirit because not happening), these were Kisara's values:

Shield Strike: 519
Power Strike: 745
Counter Strike: 188
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User Info: Straughan

4 days ago#2
Kisara most
Alphen 2nd
Shionne 3rd
Rinwell/Dohalim tie for 4th
And Law last.

I used Law when I got him and liked him, but kept skipping him for some reason. Not sure why.

Kisara I like because of Sadistic Descent and Lighting Streak combo. I sub in Blizzard bloom when she won't leap over the enemy.

People who play Kisara a lot are pretty good with her. You'd be surprised how powerful she can be.

Law however is a male after my own heart.
I'd never call him least.

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User Info: Lucille_2

4 days ago#3
Kisara is really strong in the player's hand, since you can block all damage and punish the attacker heavily.

She is also great for learning fights. Bad at dodges? Just hold block. Wait for the attack to finish then counter. Or simply perfect block everything, not move at all so the boss wouldn't be attacking your party.

Law's attacks by default are pretty long winded, and they have imo pretty poor tracking. Inferno punches, for example, often whiff. Some other attacks may have the first two hits land, but any movement, be your own movement during the attack or from the enemy, will cause you to whiff the final strike. I guess his perk is to be able to go into overdrive often, but overdrive isn't really anything too special. Law imo needs an attack speed buff.

Dolahim's melee is similar to law, but even slower and he moves around even more. He has very limited attack Artes - almost like shionne but without bombs (the forward earth elemental spin is great), while his spellcasting is t anything to write home about. In the hands of the AI he is a very inefficient healer, and you may need to turn off some of his slower Artes so he can actually go back to healing.

I tried using dolahim as the sole healer while I control shionne, used up half CP after two packs despite my own character having taken maybe just a single hit.

His slow casting speed also cripple him quite a bit imo.

User Info: LordAlistair

4 days ago#4
Dohalim. His moveset just super awkward to me; his melee attacks have too much movement and not enough hitting, and his spells just feel like discount versions of what Shionne and Rinwell can do.

Law's kind of in the same place of being worse Alphen, but he's at least fun to play.

User Info: Tuiop2

4 days ago#5
Kisara. I can't get her to combo very well. Even AI was better than me on controlling her
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User Info: Judge1219

3 days ago#6
Kisara. She’s useless, even her boost attack is tricky to land properly
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User Info: King_Z

3 days ago#7
Kisara. For one thing I wasn’t impressed with her AoE game when I was grinding her Devil’s Arm. Dohalim is the runner up but he has some attention as a backup healer and I like staff.
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User Info: Velvet33

3 days ago#9
Kisara. Not sure what's going on with her kit, but she had fewer artes than everyone else all game and her boost attack just didn't work half the time.

User Info: Fizaga

3 days ago#10
Kisara, I just didn’t gel with her battle concept.
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