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  3. Is it true we shouldn't expect new maps at launch???
Scalar007 1 month ago#1
I can't see people playing big team battle on the same 3 maps until may next year. Specially when all three basically look the same ....
nehukog 1 month ago#2
that would massivley suck. I enjoy what we got for the most part but if these are the only maps then....
MistaAtlas 1 month ago#3
yeah no new maps .b0ring
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joeboy901 1 month ago#4
We better get FIREFIGHT at launch.
Cozy 1 month ago#5
yeah, I wouldn't expect any new content until the new year tbh.

Speaking from experience working with them, the busiest time of the year for game devs is December, obviously cuz of holidays. People are off on vacations too at the same time. So their efforts are not going to be on creating new content, since any new content introduces launch risks and you don't have the numbers to be resolving production issues on short notice.

Rather I'd say that they'd be more focused on stabilizing the game RN and keeping the lights on, so to speak. Specially since servers are likely going to be taken to their limits during holidays, again cuz a lot of people take vacations.

I'm just making a guess here. Wouldn't mind being wrong.
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JonnyBoyFF 1 month ago#6
I prefer the prioritize refinement of the current game for launch, then add content later.
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zebatov 1 month ago#7
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DarknessOp3191 1 month ago#8
joeboy901 posted...
We better get FIREFIGHT at launch.
That would be awesome but I wouldn't bet on it.
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StaticPenguin 1 month ago#9
Nothing at launch but they did say there would be new modes/playlists added before the end of December.
Vamar 1 month ago#10
If they said that Season 1 will run until May then I wouldn’t expect new maps until Season 2.
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  3. Is it true we shouldn't expect new maps at launch???
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