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User Info: doki-doki-panic

7 months ago#1
After talking to some people that haven't been happy with MCC and halo 5, as a way to stick it to 343 and make more work for them they plan to just log in each game on halo infinite with 4 controllers and not move. They even talked about hiring people overseas for pennies on the dollar with 3 day free live passes and do it all day. When the game is over, just wiggle the controllers so that the game knows they aren't afk and do it over and over again every 20 minutes. Not looking good for 343. They should have carried the torch better that bungie passed to them. Is this even legal lol? I find the whole idea comical. Send a few emails... wiggle the controller sticks... send a few more emails... rinse and repeat. Is 343 f***ed?


User Info: Patchwork

6 months ago#2
What the f*** are you saying?
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User Info: teddy241

6 months ago#3

User Info: omgItsDermis

6 months ago#4

User Info: EvilResident

3 months ago#5
Are we getting some news at E3?

User Info: GateCaptain

3 months ago#6
EvilResident posted...
Are we getting some news at E3?
We did, it still exists was the news. Pretty F'ing bad.

User Info: trevor400

3 months ago#7
schizophrenia is serious.. or you're smokin' meth before loggin' in. You hittin the jib pipe, bro?
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