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  3. worst episode of the ones released in NA so far?

User Info: Makio

1 month ago#1
which one was least enjoyable to go through

4 was hard to go through

i am not familiar with it but i hear from some jp players that 5 is not much better
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User Info: __C_L_O_U_D__

1 month ago#2
Ep5 is overall better than 4, but it's harder to get started on, to the point that I couldn't complete it myself. It's still Isekai, but it's more difficult to care about the characters at the beginning. It also is a bit fanservicey to OG Phantasy Star fans.

Oh, and it also has some of the cutscenes stylized like a visual novel, so there's that mess.
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User Info: SammichTime

1 month ago#3
Ep4 was all over the damn place, left some things unexplained or unfleshed, and hated the Hitsugi show. Ep3 didn't do anything for me either since I didn't care for Harukaton.
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User Info: nhat

1 week ago#4
Definitely 1. It was pretty fragmented and wasn't done well. It didn't help they try to smash an old system together.

I thought ep4 was pretty solid, I enjoyed it for the most part. Some parts were boring because there was a lot of dialogue with no other things going around but it was far from being as bad as 1.
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User Info: Gunzleader

1 week ago#5
The Sao wanna be one
But I find it fun
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  3. worst episode of the ones released in NA so far?
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