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User Info: __C_L_O_U_D__

1 month ago#11
Not just Fashion, but Meseta's quite useful for easily getting Affix fodder and items from player shops. Especially the Add Ability ones if you can't scratch for them.
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User Info: SammichTime

1 month ago#12
Last Soldier posted...
You can use Meseta to buy limited run fashion items that are no longer available with AC or SC. The fashion market is really healthy in this game too, if you search for a lot of those limited run items on Personal shop you can see that they are not terribly overpriced. Although some extremely rare fashion items are priced in the billions but that's understandable.
I do this but it depends on the ship and items for price. I'm on ship 3 and pricing is ridiculously stupid, even for mundane items. Seen deo weapons selling in the upper millions over there.

None the less don't ever expect female getups or items to sell cheap anywhere.
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