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User Info: Superman645

10 months ago#1

Update on PS4 and Xbox One will go live at 5pm CEST on August 7th 2020:

  • Implemented a fix to minimize the chance of corrupted save games
  • Added the option to replay Robo-Bosses after their first defeat
  • The music in the multiplayer mode now cycles randomly through the full soundtrack
  • Added more concept art to the Theater
  • Reduced the amount of shinies needed to buy spatulas from Mr. Krabs
  • Fixed an exploit in Kelp Forest
  • Fixed a bug where physics in combination with Tikis caused a black screen
  • Fixed a bug where the spatula count in game was different to the one in the save game
  • Fixed an issue where you could not complete the master shutdown button in Mermalair
  • Fixed an issue where the ball from the tutorial would not spawn again
  • Fixed an issue where the game could crash if you triggered a button during the loading screen
  • Balanced the seesaw mesa in Jellyfish Fields
  • Fixed a bug, where the power crystals were not counted correctly
  • Fixed a bug where you could travel to locked locations on the map
  • Fixed some achievement unlocking issues
  • Fixed a bug where the game crashed when enemies targeted the player

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