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11 months ago#1
I closed my old thread because I feel like the spoiler tag was stopping people from clicking on the thread, and looking back on it, it really isn’t a spoiler. Anyway, here we go.

I’m in Kelp Forest. I made it up to the clam by the sleepy robot. I didn’t see the watermelon off to the side and tried to sneak my way up to the clam. It didn’t work, since I was Patrick, and I died. But before I died, I was able to purchase the clam to unlock the area off to the left.

When I went back to that area, I found that the clam was already purchased, and the wood blocking off the area is gone, but the area is still inaccessible via an invisible wall, as if I never purchased the clam. I think it had to do with me purchasing it just before I died, so that the cutscene of the area unlocking was cut short by the game reloading and that might’ve messed it up.

Has anyone else had this issue? Does anybody know if there’s a way to fix it, or am I just going to have to start a new save if I wanna finish Kelp Forest? I’ve tried reloading the area, loading another level then coming back, purchasing a clam in another level then coming back and even completing another level, getting all that level’s spatulas then coming back. Nothing so far has worked.

I’ve been really enjoying this game so far, but this glitch has me upset because if I can’t fix it, then I’ll have to start from scratch if I want to 100% the game.
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