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User Info: ShinWesker

11 months ago#1
Every time you switch characters the inverted controls revert back to normal although it's still inverted on the options screen. So every time I want to have inverted controls and switch characters... Back to the options screen.

Why didn't they test this game? Why just throw it out like this?

User Info: Milla_Maxwell

11 months ago#2
I KNEW I WASN'T INSANE. I swore the f***ing camera controls kept getting all f***y whenever I swapped characters.

ShinWesker posted...
Why didn't they test this game? Why just throw it out like this?
Honestly they were f***ed over.

They were forced to rush the game to hell and back so it would launch alongside the movie this Summer... Lo and behold, Coronavirus delayed the movie and it's gonna be on streaming services instead, so they released a rushed remaster of a game all for nothing.
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User Info: PJB-11

11 months ago#3
Yeah I encountered this within about 30 mins after finding Patrick.

And I was so impressed that they had included the BOTH option at first...
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User Info: ShinWesker

11 months ago#4
It also changes a lot. Sometimes it reverts back to the inverted controls like you wanted them in the first place...
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