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User Info: Raiden243

11 months ago#1
Is this the only one or is there more that are good?

User Info: BatCom

11 months ago#2
The SpongeBob Movie game (on console) is basically an expansion pack of this game. Same devs, same engine, same gameplay, lots of re-used assets.

Aside from that the only other ones I'm familiar with and remember are the point-and-click PC games made by AWE Games in the early 2000s (Employee of the Month, Movie and Lights Camera Pants) and they're genuinely actually kinda good. They're short and easy but they're enjoyable and funny like the show.
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User Info: Garioshi

11 months ago#3
Only good one I've found. The Movie Game has the same engine and mechanics, but enemy and level design is worse across the board on top of forcing you to do recycled content just to beat the game.
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User Info: RPGNoZero

11 months ago#4
Movie game and Light, Camera, Pants
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User Info: SHAD0WC0BRA

11 months ago#5
I liked the movie game as well as Employee of the Month, a PC point-and-click that was pretty funny.

User Info: tagoma

11 months ago#6
employee of the month was really good imo, older game but worth playing through
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User Info: FearfulGamer

11 months ago#7
The curse of the Flying Dutchman is pretty decent too
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User Info: Gatestoyourface

11 months ago#9
Lights, Camera, Pants! is a pretty good one with a surprising amount of hidden content and even with just one other person it can be an absolute blast. It can be a bit cringy at times, but some of the minigames are incredibly fun.

The only other one I'd recommend is Spongebob Atlantis SquareOff. It's an old sprite-based combat one similar to Fire Emblem. It's PC only and is about 10 hours of playtime. It's really fun!
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User Info: BakonBitz

10 months ago#10
I heard that Truth or Square was a legit sequel to this game but I don't know about its actual quality.
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