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User Info: GenericGuy

11 months ago#1
In the Mermalair, there is a mission where you have to hit five buttons to lower a bridge to access the boss fight. You have to hit four of them scatted throughout the level, then go the Mermalair Computer, who gives you a spatula and opens up the fifth button, which lowers the bridge.

However, in my playthrough, I'd hit one of the buttons and approached the computer to hit the second (which is located next to the computer) and also to get the mission to hit them all. However, as soon as I hit the second button, the computer told me that I'd hit all of them, gave me the spatula and opened up the final button to lower the bridge. It gave me credit for hitting all the buttons when I was missing two. Video below if anyone cares.

Anyone else experience this in their playthroughs?

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User Info: Mech_Battalion

11 months ago#2
Mine had a similar bug, but with a bad outcome. I hit the third button and it then said I hit all 4 (jumped from 2 to 4), I went back to talk to the computer but there isn't a prompt or anything so I can't interact with it . The game says I have 4/4 pressed, the 5th on to lower the bridge is still closed and like I said, I can't talk to the PC to open it. I didn't get a spatula either.

User Info: superfreak17_8

11 months ago#3
In my play through I had a MASSIVE lighting glitch that started happening after I started hitting the security buttons. It didn’t really prevent my progress (except I couldn’t see anything, it was like looking into a laser light) but basically I hit all four buttons and the computer told me to hit the master shutdown button and it was red when I first looked at it, but then the lighting glitched and started making every green, orange, red, white, and yellow surface EXPLODE into a bright green and that glitch just kind of hit the master button for me...which was weird. Like it changed the red button to a green button.https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/a/user_image/5/3/4/AAYAz2AAAsUe.jpg This was the first instance of the lighting change, it got much worse from there lol
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