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User Info: AlchemicZombie

2 months ago#1
Hey All,

I've been playing this quite a bit since picking it up and have been enjoying it's style so far. To anyone whose beaten the game, true ending/etc, what were some of your favorite item combos(see title)?! I'm currently running the wax beads along with Dodge/Defense boosts and it seems ok but nothing too crazy... I have almost all 3 rows of beads, are there more or is that it? Also, the Mea Culpa Hearts seem quite lackluster and the negatives surpass and benefit for the most part(currently using the power up when near death as that one doesn't have a negative effect like most others). Are there better ones of these later on as well?

Any and all input is welcomed, thanks in advance!
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User Info: CursedSeishi

2 months ago#2
For hearts, honestly there isn't much that stand out all that greatly as 'best'. Some are... uniformly horrible--such as the health-on-kill heart as the healing from it is the same as the Wooden Bead. Depending on how you play, either the low-health Power boost, the Attack+/Defense- heart, or the parry extender are likely going to be on the higher end of things. Most every other effect can be achieved through a Bead slot, though I haven't messed around much with the Projectile heart. since projectiles in the game are either a non-issue or erasing it will hardly matter.
To answer whether they improve as you go on is hard too. You get ones that make it easier to get the Righteous Reposte, or aid in grinding out Tears (definitely a useless one), or ones that boost prayers while increasing the cost of them. Oddly enough, there isn't any that augment your ranged attack on Circle, just one that weakens it while improving Fervor generation. Something of a missed opportunity there.

As for the beads? Depends really. I tend to have the Wooden Bead on for the easy health-gains when running around, as well as both the Dove Skull & Ember (Defense+) as well as the Muted Bell & Amethyst (Magic Defense+) on at all times. The Knotted Hair is another no-brainer, as it is a healthy boost to attack. Elemental defense is a per-boss thing, and I've yet to notice the fall-animation reduction matter much off the Tombstone so it's another easy skip. On the no-healing, I also stuck with the Red Wax bead for the health boost, but didn't bother with the fervor one as I've hardly seen a boss that makes the extra fervor really worth it.

If you're feeling lucky, you can always use a slot for 'Sphere of Sacred Smoke' for the chance of refilling a health flask on attack. Not all that reliable for bosses or useful on no-heal boss runs, but for general running about? Might help a little.

And to answer the row question, the beads do extend into the 4th row.
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User Info: inconnu

2 months ago#3
Were the last two bosses some freaking cheaters (Crisanta and Last son of the miracle)...

The one that I really found helpful was the red wax and the one that make your move faster (it saves my bacon against Last son of the miracle)
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User Info: Zool666

4 weeks ago#4
Rosery beads all depends on what you're doing, and who you're fighting. As for the hearts, they are useless except for the heart of silent tones, which can destroy the fireballs the last son of the miracle launches at you. Stay in the middle of the screen and slash up at them as fast as you can, most of the time you can destroy them all.
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