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  3. will this game be dark souls hard?

User Info: Aculo

1 month ago#1
i like a challenge, but the souls games are too much of one for me. if this is castlevania/bloodstained-levels of difficulty, i'm on board! if it's more of a souls game, i don't think i'm in.

anyone know which this game is more like?

User Info: FriggingChicken

1 month ago#2
Probably not, it seems to be only somewhat harder than average
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User Info: Big_Bawss

1 month ago#3
Haven't played it yet but it definitely looks to be more like Castlevania than souls. There are some reaction based mechanics like parrying and sliding through enemies to dodge attacks, but based on a lot of the reviews I've seen the general consensus seems to be that it is challenging but not brutal.

User Info: Arctorus

1 month ago#4
This game's single difficulty setting really gets in the way of all the great visual design, audio, and lore. There is no way to enjoy it casually. Which is a pity.
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User Info: Industen

1 month ago#5
You will die, but everything has a pattern. The bosses can be pretty brutal especially going for that don't use a flask trophy. This is very very difficult. It's more the instant kills with the spikes...and sometimes pits. It is also very difficult to gather some of your deaths guilt that are laying in previous spikes that caused your demise. After a certain event you choose to do you can not buy them.

User Info: KeroroGunsou

1 month ago#6
It's more like old nes castlevania in terms of difficulty. Death pit falls/spikes and annoying enemies. Nothing like new ones where you dash around obliterating everything like a slick killing machine.

User Info: beatzeldain87

1 month ago#7
It’s pretty fair, yeah most deaths were to spikes or enemies that you only have to kill once to despawn.
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User Info: FriggingChicken

1 month ago#8
It's not that hard, compared to Hollow Knight this is a piece of cake.
It was foretold by gyromancy!

User Info: inconnu

1 month ago#9
It is hard but the kind of hard that is fair... 90% of the times, you take a l because you messed up but there is still that 10% where the game "cheeses" you but at least you can also cheese the game in some aspects...
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  3. will this game be dark souls hard?
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