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User Info: TheOxMan187

1 week ago#51
josifrees posted...
dont like they got rid of crouch and prone affecting recoil




User Info: Marcster1994

1 week ago#52
LMG spread was already pretty big, this is just overkill.

Glad they didn’t touch the R90 though. Very underrated shotgun.
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User Info: highflyer_01

1 week ago#53
So what is ADS? And what do they mean by damage spread or hip spread or whatever?

Edit: Nevermind. Aiming Down Sights. Forgot about that.
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User Info: Vulcan422

1 week ago#54
I assume for damage spread you're talking about shotguns. For a while now, shotgun damage has been calculated per pellet, as opposed to flat overall damage. By adjusting the damage spread, they are changing the value of how much damage a single pellet does.

Hipfire spread is a universal constant across all guns and determines how the game calculates where your shots land while hipfiring. Recoil is usually higher while hipfiring, and you are usually most accurate while hipfiring when an enemy is very close to you, around 5-10 meters in front of you.
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