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User Info: Uiru

1 week ago#1
All 10x's because I have things to do:

Kris dupe
Olivia dupe
Hilbert dupe
Grimsley dupe, Brendan dupe
Kukui, Olivia dupe
Kukui dupe
Lyra dupe
Kukui dupe
Phoebe dupe, Caitlyn dupe
Four single trash
Select Steven

Well then :p

Phoebe is 4/5 now, and Olivia is 3/5, which is nice. Brendan and Kris are 3/5 now too I think. Did I need three Kukuis though? :p Could have gotten an Elesa in there. Or, you know, a Steven earlier.

I was expecting Lance and Cynthia to return but they did not.

edit: got 97 3* power up cards :p Only 9 4*, though.
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User Info: mokorusmania

1 week ago#2
Went in with 26.6k gems. Nothing but duplicates, and no steven. Once i had no 5 stars in 17k gems pull. The same thing happened with cynthia, 40k and no cynthia. Uninstalled.
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User Info: LandscapeManX

1 week ago#3
Got him on the third pull.
1st - Caitlin
2nd - Kukui, Blue (dupe)
3rd - Steven, Steven (dupe)
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User Info: VirusChris

1 week ago#4
Got him on the second pull along with Drake! ^_^

I love the drop rate in this game. Very generous for a gacha game.
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User Info: Nate_Allen

1 week ago#5
spent 10k, dupe oshawatt and Karen but no Steven -.-

User Info: sonic2307

1 week ago#6
Not gonna spend anything. Cynthia took all my gems
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User Info: thecheese103

1 week ago#7
Did a single 10x and got complete buttcheeks. Gonna just do dailies until we know what we're getting for the 6 month anniversary.
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User Info: zeldagamer2123

1 week ago#8
got 2x Steven, 1x Drake and 1x Lyra on my initial 10 pull. Lyra is now 3/5.

Back to saving gems for me.
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User Info: Natwaf_akidna

1 week ago#9
It took 11k gems, but I got 3/5 Steven

In hindsight I should have kept single pulling, but it was crushing my soul, so I started 10x drawing.
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User Info: Gmagn

1 week ago#10
Incredibly enough I got him on my 1st 10 pull ūüėĀ
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