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User Info: asukaten

2 months ago#1
Focus units are Christmas Siebold, Blue and Brendan.

Post your results here. Good luck, guys.
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User Info: TEzeon431

2 months ago#2
I had basically the best multi summon in my life on this banner. The unit between Grimsley and Blue was a dupe Brendan

Is that Christ bullet ten-tapped?

User Info: the_ff_kid

2 months ago#3
I went for the other banner, but damn @TEzeon431 , congrats on that killer pull.
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User Info: Curse

2 months ago#4
I got Candice, Janine, and Ramos like 10 times each (seriously, what are these drop rates?), but no Christmas Siebold. I don't even think he's that good, but I wanted him just in case he doesn't come back. At least I got Christmas Rosa.

User Info: ShadowZangoose

2 months ago#5
I tried for Siebold, ended up with Blaine, Will and three Brendan.

The game knows I hate Brendan.

User Info: HereToHelp

2 months ago#6
I just spent 3k gems, got Blue. I'm actually happy, cause I didn't have him lol. He's been eluding me this whole time. Meanwhile, I've pulled Brendan 3 times before.

I actually wanted Blue more than Siebold, so this suits me. Not gonna go for Rosa though, simply cause I already got Karen and Hilda.

Still got 30k gems left. Now I'll be saving those for Lance and Cynthia. I just felt so, SO restless. But this really was worth it.
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User Info: Togder

2 months ago#7
I spent 4500 gems, 3k and 1.5k in paid gem discounts

Got Brendan dupe, but in the non featured Rosa banner. And I got Glacia too which I did not have before. Now I gotta save for Cynthia.
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