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User Info: asukaten

2 months ago#1
Focus units are Christmas Rosa, Karen and Hilda.

Post your results here. Good luck, guys.
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User Info: sonic2307

2 months ago#2
1 Hilda, 1 Karen, TWO Lyras. Nothing else noteworthy.

How much I spent? 15000 gems. Ouch. Guess I'll try for Cynthia then I'm gonna stop pulling anything else for 2-3 months then (or until I really saved up 40000 but honestly saving up that much without pulling anything is so boring).
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User Info: TEzeon431

2 months ago#3
Got Christmas Rosa along with a Karen dupe on the first mutli. Very happy with those results.
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User Info: Crazy_Talk

2 months ago#4
55k down to 27k for Rosa. The login bonus gives 3900 gems, so I'll be back to 30k by the end. Hopefully I can get back to 40k because I want to have Cynthia be guaranteed.

Oh, I also got 2 Hilda's, a Karen dupe, 2 of Ice woman (whatever her name was), Pheobe, and Grimsley

I can live with this.
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User Info: Meganium7

2 months ago#5
what the f*** are these rates ups lmao. putting other randos alongside the focus everyone wants, splitting the banners in to two. this just reeks of desperation to swing low earnings back up.

I really want rosa but not pulling on this s***. just gonna keep holding these 50k for cynthia/lance/other big names
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User Info: Pompous_Badger

2 months ago#6
8k gems dropped looking for Karen. The first 6k gave me nothing worthwhile, and then in the last 2k I got Hilda, a dupe Phoebe, and finally Karen.
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User Info: Jahkobey

2 months ago#7
Spent 1.5K gems pulling for Karen and got 2 Rosa -__-
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User Info: Uiru

2 months ago#8
First 10 pull got Hilda 3/5 and C.Rosa.

Next two pulls for Karen got me nothing. :p

An entire bag of 100 gems before this got me no 5*'s either.

Stopping there so I can be certain to be back above 40k for Cynthia.

User Info: PalmerSensei

2 months ago#9
Jahkobey posted...
Spent 1.5K gems pulling for Karen and got 2 Rosa -__-

I spent 9k looking for Hilda, and got two Rosa and a Karen dupe v_v
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User Info: IAznDragonI Yan

IAznDragonI Yan
2 months ago#10
got xmas rosa within 3k gems
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