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Piet100 1 year ago#1
Loving my Series X but the noise when pushing the buttons and especially the d-pad is over the top and distracting. It’s like a super loud clicking noise. My friend pointed that out yesterday and he‘s right. Now I can’t unhear it anymore and it just keeps bothering me lol

Kingspade1212 1 year ago#2
D pad is definitely loud. But I have a headset on most of the time so I don't even notice
da_StoOge 1 year ago#3
Yeah, I’ve always hated clocks buttons but with a headset they’re okay.
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kryptin 1 year ago#4
I agree with the d pad being noisy, but I don't really notice it with any other buttons.
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xninjagrrl 1 year ago#6
The whole controller is loud af. The dpad, the face buttons, all of it.
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Landonio 1 year ago#7
DravenRainrix posted...
think I'm in the minority because I love the click of the dpad. I'm not a fan of my PS4 dpad and it's wishy washy and mushy "Have you presses the dpad or not" feel.
New controller has a good "you definitely pushed" feel.
PS5 d-pad is way too resistant and tight. Fighting games are a chore on it.
The_PlagueLord 1 year ago#8
Yeah my girlfriend pointed that out quite quickly as i was setting the console up. Dpad is pretty annoying, maybe it dies down after many hours of use.
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dirtydog 1 year ago#9
Sounds like might be worth buying a few of the Xbox One controllers while they're still available.
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Mr_Starch 1 year ago#10
Yeah, it's pretty loud
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