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  3. Any game you're naturally talented at?

User Info: kingofjamaica

1 month ago#31
Nope. I'm above average for most genres where skill actually matters. Except fighting games. I'm f***ing awful at fighting games.

Having not played console shooters in forever, my skills there are probably waning. Last thing I played was the Modern Warfare open beta and I was barely able to make a 1.5K/D. Haven't played a proper TDM on PC in forever either since everything is BR these days. Pretty bad at those too, but I haven't gone to the bother of dialing in my sensitivities, or upgrading to a HRR monitor.
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User Info: B-bop1990

1 month ago#32
When I was heavy into Smite I just couldn’t lose, had max diamond all gods and it just didn’t matter whether I had to carry or not, was just relentless.
Penta Kill after penta kill. Never did get that kill all opposing players with one skill trophy though. The one that got away.

User Info: SlabAcid

1 month ago#33
Resident Evil 2 Remake. Before the pay to unlock DLC, I shareplayed Hardcore mode nearly 50 nights in a row to unlock weapons for people.

Edit: I believe I hold the record for lowest shots fired in No Way Out, but it's been a long time.

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User Info: VagrantGlass

1 month ago#34
I'm good at aiming at things quick as well as the RPG and action/adventure genres.

Platformers, sidescrollers and fighting games though, oof.

I wish I had the patience to put the time in to be good at fighters since I really do enjoy them.

User Info: arnsekar

1 month ago#35
Killzone Multiplayer. Tried out Sniper class, and there was a gimmick where it used motion controls. You had to keep the controller still as you would a real rifle. If you shake, the rifle shakes. I came up with a technique I unfortunately called "sling sniping" at the time, where i would jerk the controller in the direction of an enemy to aim instead of aiming with the sticks. I got remarkably fast and accurate with this method.
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User Info: Unite

1 month ago#36
No , average on Jrpg , below average on most of other genres

User Info: Fryedaddy4

1 month ago#37
Rocksmith bass. Never played bass before and when I first started playing, I was getting low 90s on most songs.

User Info: SunTsu

1 month ago#38
Turn based RPG/JRPG
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User Info: Timinatron

1 month ago#39
I’m pretty good at platformers. I remember hearing about people giving up on Ori and the Blind Forest at the Ginso Tree..I think I got it on my 3rd try? It just feels natural to me I guess
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User Info: toomanymonikers

1 month ago#40
Probably Super Meat Boy. For whatever reason I got good at the platforming pretty quick.
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