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  3. Hogwarts Legacy to offer Transgender character creation

User Info: Iscratchmyballs

1 month ago#1
Phil Spencer- Series X/S is shaping up the biggest & best launch line up in Xbox history.

User Info: vexermaster

1 month ago#2
Ohhh, Elden Ring

User Info: thefabregas22

1 month ago#3
Someone's gonna complain about this for some reason.
Arteta and Martinelli?
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User Info: The3rdMario

1 month ago#4
Glad we can waste time and resources on something that doesn't matter.
Originality is overrated. Execution is of higher concern.

User Info: VermilionX

1 month ago#5
I like it since apparently Rowling doesnt like it
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User Info: BillyMays

1 month ago#6
Hogwarts Legacy of Soy
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User Info: Tkmajing

1 month ago#7
And just like that i will skip this game. Only added to please SJW crowd.
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User Info: akito319

1 month ago#8
This shouldn't be something to be promoted. It shouldn't be any different than being able to play as male or female character. However promoting a transgender character and acting like they are sticking it to Rowling/ a producer is just virtue signaling, no one likes that.
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User Info: Link1974

1 month ago#9
Really thinking of just not getting a PS5 and supporting this trend of Liberal propaganda in modern gaming. So tired of the pandering Sony is doing to these people. I just want to play games. Not have someone else's politics shoved into my face.
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User Info: DBN_Stealth

1 month ago#10
cool i guess
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