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  3. If gta 6 was 30 fps, no ray tracing or hdr, would you still buy?

User Info: Tonyjaa

1 month ago#11
userfrigginame posted...
That’d be a dumb reason not to play a game.

User Info: dan_gerous87

1 month ago#12
No chance of it having none of those features on ps5

User Info: jellybeanmaster

1 month ago#13
I know from experience that the people who buy gta and play pretty much only that have no idea what any of those terms mean. They barely know about big game releases. It could come out looking like a 360 game and they’d love it

User Info: TboiGreezy

1 month ago#14
Yes its fkn GTA

User Info: adampheasey

1 month ago#15
This is the main issue. Most people are saying yes which means games will eventually come out at 30fps which by standards is completely unacceptable now. But people speak with their wallets and devs will take advantage of that and we will maybe be held back again.


1 month ago#16

It's going to be 30FPS 100% guarantee.

They may run the game in a new improving engine, higher graphics quality, etc. Basically the game will be more demanding. So imo, i'm confident it will be 30FPS.

And yes... I would still buy it yet i'm getting this for my PC instead.
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User Info: VermilionX

1 month ago#17
I don't have a display with HDR so that's a non issue for me

Ray tracing and 60+ fps tho, those I care about since my system can handle those
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User Info: archizzy

1 month ago#18
Considering I love the look and feel of RDR2 I’d be ok with it. Obviously I prefer it to be better but it would still be amazing. Hell to this day I’m impressed at what they were able to pull off with V on the PS3 hardware.
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User Info: Aculo

1 month ago#19
it would depend on whether they had a main campaign, or they just skipped it to do their new online thing, ok?

User Info: SockoressKnight

1 month ago#20
Not for $70
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  3. If gta 6 was 30 fps, no ray tracing or hdr, would you still buy?
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