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  3. As a kid, what game was a blind purchase that you got burned on?

User Info: NavyVet88

1 month ago#1
Normally I had pretty good luck just picking a random game based on the box art or maybe a review in a magazine. I was not prepared for Armarines for the N64. $9.99 on sale for a reason that day. That was 10 bucks I missed dearly after playing the game the first time.

PS1- Tales of Destiny. Didn’t know much of RPG’s at the time. Really hated that game.
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User Info: boomstickbhg

1 month ago#2
none, I didn't have enough money to waste back then
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User Info: Raddest_Chad

1 month ago#3
My dad said he'd buy me Mortal Kombat. My dumb ass thought "get it GameBoy and take it anywhere!", naively assuming that it would be comparable because I was a little kid. I played it once or twice and just regretted asking for that over the SNES version. I had no job or anything (obviously) and the fact I used up a somewhat rare "free game" on that dud still stings to this day. NGL.

User Info: toomanymonikers

1 month ago#4
Driving Emotion for PS2. My mom brought my bro and I to a store to buy a PS2 console and an awesome racing game, we were so hype. We ask a store assistant what racing game he recommends and instead of directing us towards Gran Turismo the dork suggests Driving Emotion. He went on and on about how awesome the driving was and how there was realistic vehicle damage (he really kept hammering this point).

We get home, pop it in and find nothing of what he said was accurate, you couldn't even ding your car by driving into a wall at 150mph, the stupid thing just bounces off and keeps going. We were heartbroken little children, our trust was forever shattered.

User Info: toomanymonikers

1 month ago#5
Raddest_Chad posted...
and the fact I used up a somewhat rare "free game" on that dud still stings to this

Lol, it will haunt you forever

User Info: Dark Blade 13

Dark Blade 13
1 month ago#6
I ask my parents to buy me a Digimon game for Playstation because I was addicted to anime at time when it was airing on Fox on Saturday mornings. Worst game I have ever asked for.

User Info: Jun336

1 month ago#7
Dawn of Mana. My brother and I loved legend of mana and we saw this game at the video store. Absolutely hated it, lol.
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User Info: mcnichoj

1 month ago#8
Digimon Rumble Arena 2
Not an awful game but I blazed through all the content in an afternoon. DRA1 was just so much better, they phoned it in on the sequel.
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User Info: Gambit916

1 month ago#9
Enter the Matrix
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User Info: KI11AK

1 month ago#10
Batman forever. We drove 2 hours to go to the store and buy it, too
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  3. As a kid, what game was a blind purchase that you got burned on?
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