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User Info: nw63

1 month ago#1
I'd like it if they'd make a simple patch where the workers/scientists/whatever don't just go to work and act normal when their place of work is being attacked. I know they say things when you're nearby, but just having them run and hide in a corner or something would really make the setting much more realistic
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User Info: CursedPanther

1 month ago#2
When the merc bots behavior patterns seem half-finished at times, expect these civies patterns to be given even less of a priority.

User Info: MRL3G3ND

4 weeks ago#3
i thought the same last night...we are secretly killing their protection, and they are just so dedicated. Highly geared up war machines waltz through your job and its just another day lol

That would be a nice mechanic; when the shootin starts the NPCs run all over the place in panic. That would be realistic in that getting a clear shot in the chaos would be a challenge.

But hey we cannot ask for too much outside of the lines of a Far Cry/Watch_dogs/Assassins creed engine
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User Info: Zelos_ToS

4 weeks ago#4
What frustrates me is when I'm tasked to destroy a farming drone or other stationary object and there's NPCs standing right beside it. I don't know a reliable way to get them to move so I don't kill them when the objective explodes. I've tried shooting near them, firing into the air (spoiled by RDR2 there), and nothing. I've just been accepting the civilian casualty and moving on.
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