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Then he asked me how I'd rate compared to film in general and I said a 4 or 5/10.

That's... way too high a score. Those movies were trash fires.

It's interesting that they've decided to make a less hateful and masturbatory ending than in the previous movies, but it very much seems like they still have the same removal from reality and the same blindness to the other side.

From your synopsis it very much sounds like the pastor was the one who estranged himself from his non-Christian brother because of said brother's lack of Christian faith. Does he grow to realize how f***ed up a thing that is to do? It sounds like the movie acknowledges in-story that the church has a history of neglecting the needy and furthering abuse, does the pastor do anything to change that or does he just wring his hands and conclude that this is just "the worst brought out in everyone"?

I just love the idea that a university would tear down a historic building rather than, say, reappropriate the building for something else. Or that the pastor is doing something momentous by ceeding what is ultimately an open-and-shut case, since his church was using facilities they didn't own and didn't have a binding claim to.

As always, it sounds like these movies are so busy selling persecution-porn to a group that does not face persecution that it needs to invent dumb situations and hopes very much that the viewer is too busy getting off to notice.

tfb shows his colossal ignorance of these movies once again, I see.
I might just 6-0 you in Pokemon. Watch out for my awesome teams.