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That logic is all well and fine is you are talking about a regular god. But the Christians omni-everything God can't be omni-benevolent without maximizing good and turning evil into a nil value, and given that he is omnipotent, he can do this without breaking a sweat. By the way Christians have defined their god, there can be no good reason for allowing evil.

Now, if he is just your run of the mill normal, non-omni god, then there isn't really any problem of evil to contend with. He did what he could to the best of his ability, there is still evil in the world, oh well.

Anyways, I think the evil in the world vastly outweighs the good, but I've never once been tempted to suicide. Why? Because even though the world is an evil place, my standards of living are quite nice and I don't have to experience most of it. You can live in an evil world and be quite happy just by being in the right place, and the right time.

And as Kozlo said, suicide isn't really about how happy or miserable a person is anyway, it is often due to an untreated mental health issue. Or sometimes it can just come down to personal elan, as there are plenty of people who live in absolute misery that will do everything in their power to survive anyways even if there isn't a glimmer of hope in their life.
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