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There is something off-putting about men/women of God asking for exorbitant amounts of money.

Yet, there are costs associated with doing missional work much like the operating costs of larger congregations in general. If one considers the price of, say, summer camp, this isn't especially egregious by comparison.

Admittedly, I was commenting in generalities.

$12,000 isn't a large sum of money for 2 years of potential associated costs of doing ministry abroad.


That being said, from experience, I think it's possible to do ministry work out-of-pocket or cost-neutral. But we're probably approaching things from two different places. I'm thinking more along the lines of the preachers who count filled chairs, who have large production values and cost/marketing teams who gauge church "profitability."
"Man will not live off of bread alone, but by every word proceeding through the mouth of God." "You are not able to serve God and wealth.".