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User Info: PumpkinBelmont

1 month ago#1
I need help and I don't know who or what to ask. I don't have a religious background and the Bible is too difficult for me to read and comprehend. I'm not happy and I think there is a bad person inside of me. My life has completely fallen apart and I think my empathy is broken, it doesn't work properly. Religion is... strange(really really really mean no offence, I just lack a better word.) to me. I say mean things sometimes and I don't know how to care. I'm rotten inside and I don't know how to fix it, or if it can be fixed at all.

User Info: theSMITHS

1 month ago#2
There are "study" editions of the Bible (with commentary). I read the Catholic (New American) version. I pray before reading that the Holy Spirit helps me interpret scripture. Maybe you're feeling the Yetzer Ra inside you.

User Info: kozlo100

1 month ago#3
Sounds like in addition to looking into religion, you could maybe also benefit from talking to a mental health professional of some sort. Probably start with a therapist, and they'd be able to tell you the best way forward from there.

On the religion front, you mentioned the bible, but I wouldn't necessarily limit yourself to looking at Christianity. It's just one view among many, and if it doesn't make sense to you there's no real need to try to fit a square peg into a round hole.
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User Info: darklao

1 month ago#4
People who are genuinely broken in the way you mean don't care about being bad. It doesn't make them unhappy. If you care, you're probably a good person who gets impatient, angry, lashes out when hurt, or whatever--like the rest of us.

Therapist is a good idea. You might also talk to a doc. When I lash out at people, it's almost always because of my anxiety. Doesn't make it okay, just know there are sometimes causes for extreme/mean behavior--causes that can be fixed/changed.

Also try to go out and talk to people. Maybe at a church, sure. But just get out and volunteer or do things for/with people. People need people, and doing things for people is a great way to make connections and feel good about yourself.
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