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    rockoperajon posted...
    Well, while I don't believe it's right to silence someone for having absolutely repugnant opinions, I won't be the first in line to fight for Steven Anderson's freedom of speech.

    Usually people only "fight" for freedom of speech when it comes to their own country. Nobody's fighting for the Chinese, for example.

    Also: "They're not silencing you, they're just showing you the door"

    That's what certain people would probably say if someone were banned from a website, bakery, or some private establishment. They say "it isn't censorship unless the government does it!" I wonder of those same people would say that this is censorship or not. My opinion is that censorship is censorship, whether done within a private institution or the government. Censorship does not always need to overlap with one's "right to freedom of speech" and it's not always inherently bad either, but it is still censorship.