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    GreenKnight127 posted...
    I try not to generalize....but from personal experience....I have noticed that young Christians (like, under the age of 25?) aren't "awkward" so much as they are just quietly condescending.

    They secretly believe that something is wrong with people who aren't Christians like them. They see themselves as better. While they see everyone else as lacking something.

    They do NOT enjoy hanging out with people who aren't Christian. Unless, of course, it's to help convert them by talking about Jesus constantly.

    If they are out of high school/college and STILL havent learned how to communicate, or even associate with non-Christians.....something is severely wrong.

    I have personally lost three friends over the course of my life....because they "found Jesus" and suddenly would only allow themselves to hang out with people who go to church with them. They just 100% dumped everyone else in their life. For no reason. The non-Christian friends didn't say anything offensive. Didn't do anything wrong. They just existed.....and someone brainwashed them into thinking "if they aren't with Christ....they are against Christ."

    The loss of one particular friend still kinda bothers me to this day. She was a very good friend....we talked all the time. Then she just stopped hanging out with all of us. Wouldn't text us back. Wouldn't say hi when we'd see her in public. It was almost unreal.

    And then we talked with some people in her family, wondering if everything was okay, wondering what happened....and they told us point blank: "Yeah, she only associates with her Christian friends now."

    And it was seriously like a punch in the gut.

    I think this is it for me personally. I'm 29, but a lot of the people I work with are straight out of college. I'm not sure its condescension, but it does kind of feel like they struggle to talk about things other than religion.

    CoyoteTheGreat posted...
    I really just think it is a "certain kind" of Christian that is socially awkward. I mean, technically our country is full of them, but most normal people are really low key about their religion so they act like any secular person would. But the "certain kind" of Christian is like a "certain kind" of any sort of fanboy and make everything about their religion. That kind of person is obviously not going to mesh well with normal society.

    They likely have more in common with the "certain kind" of drug users who are all about their drug use than either party in this topic would like to admit. It is just awkward to talk to anyone who has an absolute, all-consuming obsession over anything unless you share that obsession.

    Beyond that, I think there are several young Christians who are clearly on the autism spectrum and attracted to a strong rules-based approach to religion. That might also account for a lot of the awkward Christians, and it isn't really the religion there so much as being on the autism spectrum that accounts for the awkwardness. That isn't really their fault or their religion's fault, and I think that they should be considered with empathy.

    I never considered the autistic implications there. This is particularly interesting because I am working at school for special needs children.