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    LinkFanatic posted...
    You and SSJ4 are generalizing drug users a lot. The reason I want to hang out primarily with other drug users is because I don't have to worry about being socially accepted. I'm like really f***ed up mentally, so the idea of me being accepted among like-minded people definitely appeals to me. Otherwise, there's always that certain pressure to act a certain way when you're with others...even your friends.

    I'm not generalizing. I'm speaking about a single personal experience, with a guy whose interests were also diverging in other ways from mine.

    And it wasn't as if I had a problem with the fact that he smoked some weed on occasion. He just stopped wanting to hang out. We started becoming his backup friends. If we called and asked if he was free on Saturday, he'd say, "I don't know yet", which is basically code for "I'll let you know if my other friends don't make plans". After a while it got pretty obvious that he wasn't interested in our company anymore.
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