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    Generalizing drug users? We are talking about personal experiences.

    Here's some more background that might help you understand my perspective:

    I spent a large portion of my childhood playing outside. I even lived on a farm for a few years, then moved to a small town of about 800 people. Country life. Outdoors.

    Entertainment for me was hiking, biking, swimming, shooting guns, photography, and video games.

    Drugs never needed to come into the equation.

    I never had anything against people who used drugs....but I noticed that they had stuff against me.

    When people found out I didn't smoke or drink....they thought I wasn't cool enough to hang out with.

    When I went to college....as soon as I got done moving into my dorm room and my mom and brother left.....all the guys on my floor came to my door and wanted to get to know me. Apparently they had all moved in a few days earlier because they were athletes, or in the band, or other special programs, and got like some kind of Freshmen week thing waaay in advance. I was the last guy to move into 'their' dorm, so they wanted to see what I was into.

    The FIRST question the one guy asked me was, "Do you smoke weed?"

    I just kinda laughed, trying to be polite, and said, "Haha um...no. Sorry."

    No lie. No exaggeration. After that.....nobody in the entire dorm wanted s*** to do with me. They wouldn't even make eye-contact with me in the hallway. Because I didn't smoke weed, I apparently had nothing in common with them. I was a non-entity in their eyes.

    This bothered me for a very long time.

    Like....a really long time.
    "Think about everything you want out of life. Now think about how many of those things you want only because someone else told you to want them."