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User Info: TurtleInFreedom

1 month ago#1
What do you think salvation is?

I ask this question because I don't think the common answer, that is, salvation from sin, is a logically and theologically the straight answer. I think a better way to frame what salvation is is that it's to recover or return to the state in which God had orignally created mankind for, that is, to bring glory to God. So basically what I'm saying is, salvation is us being able to bring glory to God alone. What do you think? Do you guys have other perspectives?

User Info: the_hedonist

1 month ago#2
There’s many lenses through which to look at it. I think the Bible uses a lot of different kinds of language to talk about salvation.

Lately I’ve been fond of saying that salvation is being freed to know God through knowing Jesus today, and for eternity (John 17:5).

User Info: YHWH_Saves

1 month ago#3
Can't add much other than salvation is the reversing of the "fall" of man/creation. Salvation is the state of the believing which propels them to usher in life to the world (rather than death).

Simple equation:

1) Creation was established, and it was "good."
2) Sin entered into Creation, and the world was now corrupted.
3) Salvation entered into Creation, and the world is being healed/restored/salvaged. It applies to both the world and to individuals.
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User Info: LunaticCritic

1 month ago#4
IMO, probably the whole "removal of Original Sin" thing that Jesus came here for, assuaging the greater tendency to sin that Original Sin gave us.
The user formerly known as crazygamer999.
My pastor keeps saying that salvation isn’t about a destination (heaven) it’s about a relationship with our Creator.

The Fall separated us from God and the cross reconciles us to God. Salvation is about God’s presence. When we are saved God lives with us, He indwells us. We don’t have to go to Heaven to get to God. The opposite happens - God comes to us.

Adam’s disobedience removed us from God’s presence and Christ’s obedience reversed that. Salvation in a nutshell is being restored to God. We can walk with God and talk with God just like Adam was able to do in the Garden before the Fall.
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User Info: PurpleLizard

1 month ago#6
As a note that might be relevant to this discussion, the Hebrew word for salvation (related to Jesus's Hebrew name, Yeshua) never refers to the sort of salvation that Christians talk about. It is better translated as "rescue", and whenever it appears in the Bible or in ancient Jewish literature, it refers to being delivered from a physical or political threat in the material world. This is why the Jews expected the Messiah to rescue them from the political threat of the Roman Empire, and prevent Jews from being tortured and killed; they were promised "salvation." The Hebrew word translated as "salvation" was never used to describe the forgiveness of sins or spiritual cleansing; there are completely different Hebrew terms for those concepts. When you see "salvation" in the Old Testament and the New Testament in an English Bible, they're translations of two different words, one Hebrew and one Greek, and they don't mean the same thing.
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