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UnfairRepresent posted...
Dear @SamHarrisOrg, you often claim that you're not attacking Muslims, the people, only Islam, the idea or faith. But that's not true, otherwise, how do you explain saying "Muslim immigrants" demand "tolerance for their backwardness, their misogyny, their anti-Semitism"?

This is a dumb take.

Saying "I'm against the evils of this religion, not people" and "Some of these immigrants who have the religion are going to spread the evils of it." are not contradictory statements

But immigrants are not religions; they are human beings. It sounds like Sam Harris thinks Islam is evil, and therefore that Muslims are more evil on average than non-Muslims.

The following two statements, for instance, are contradictory:

1. I don't criticize people who practice Islam.

2. People shouldn't practice Islam because it is evil.