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  3. Christians face immense defections after refusing to stop demonizing homosexuals

User Info: UnfairRepresent

3 months ago#201
And the topic has been successfully derailed by people deflecting the Christian Church's blatant bigotry
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UnfairRepresent posted...
And the topic has been successfully derailed by people delfecting the Christian Church's blatant bigotry

I might just 6-0 you in Pokemon. Watch out for my awesome teams.

User Info: the_hedonist

3 months ago#203
Wow, this is one of the worst 263 topics ever. From start to finish, just a terrible, terrible topic.

Too bad. We could’ve had a much more interesting discussion about the UMC decision. It’s the first mainline/progressive denomination I know of in the US to go in this direction (Episcopalian, PCUSA, ELCA, and UCC have all furthered the acceptance of samesex marriage and practicing LGBT clergy).

User Info: AdmiralBison

3 months ago#204
I fully support the LGBTQ, BUT I have a potentially painful and personal question for anyone who is LGBTQ.

Why do you wish to be accepted into Religions that can’t be more explicit and clear on their stance toward you. There are even the advocating of deaths towards LGBTQ in scriptures (among many other demographs) and in some ultra conservative theist countries they are not shy about violence towards anyone who is LGBTQ, they do not want you or who you are?

Even the best you will ever get from Christianity and Islam are moderates who conveniently Ignore what is explicitly stated in their books and some will honestly believe they are good by sending you to conversion “therapy”.

The way I see it.
More and more people are becoming non-religious and Atheist and it would be in the Religion’s best interest to retain or keep as many believers believing.

The way it is going with the dwindling members, the bulk of elderly believers passing away it’s the LGBTQ that is potentially the largest demographic that could save Christianity/Islam (in the United States) in the next few decades, but why drag the religions through modern times kicking and screaming when it ought to have remained in the Bronze Age where it belongs.

Besides, surely there must be better more accommodating Religions out there that could provide you with “spiritual sustenance”l social support and emotional well being, without the bigotry and condemnation.

You don’t need Christianity or Islam, but they sure as hell need you. (Even if the religion is too bigoted to admit it)
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User Info: UnfairRepresent

3 months ago#205
Well I've not LGBT but the question of "Why do you believe in God?" isn't limited to what gentials you stick in your body.

If you think the Methodist church is correct in it's views, then you think it's correct in its views.

Even if you think they're wrong about one or two things, you can still be in the church and change their attitudes about said things.

Look no further than this every topic to see that American Methodists have near universially stopped hating homosexuals where as African ones have have not even begun such an enterprise.

Remember that once upon a time every in the current Methodist church would have been executed for the sacrilege reading the bible in English

Religion is a man construct which is ever changing. All a religion means is "What are the people in the religion saying right now" and that's all.
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User Info: Asherlee10

3 months ago#206
I think UR summed it up, but I may not be understanding your question Bison.

Some gay folks remain religious, despite the shunning of LGBT in most religious settings. I can't really understand it, myself. There is a lot of negative feedback from religious communities about LGBT (yes, I know some are welcoming).

I am a part of LGBT, but I'm non-religious. I grew up in a household were religion just wasn't a part of things. I knew of them, but they were taught me just as made up stories with a moral undertone. Of the gay people I know who have remained religious (this is purely anecdotal), they seem to struggle more than others. Wrestling with morality, hate from family, etc.

It just saddens me and promotes the personal opinion that many facets of Christianity (and other religions) are doing more harm than good at this point in human society.
"Opinions should be a result of a thought, not a substitute for it."
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You can be on a journey for your sexual identity and still not be finished with your spiritual self.
Just because a person works out they're gay, doesn't mean they've also worked out that it's just better to walk away from their religion and the associated judgement.

I'd say that priests sort of count as an example of religious tolerance, but they're more accepted for being homosexual pedophiles.
How dare you!

User Info: UnfairRepresent

2 months ago#209
and he was never seen again
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User Info: UnfairRepresent

2 months ago#210
the final bahamut posted...
Why do I keep reading this topic as "Christian's face massive defecations"
Possibly it is because that's what homophobes should face, but still...

Erm <_<
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