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  3. Porn star turned pastor says she wants 'everyone to experience the Iove of God.'

User Info: UnfairRepresent

4 weeks ago#1
Crystal DiGregorio-Bassette was in the adult film industry for 10 years and had a lucrative career as Nadia Hilton, her stage name, working for every big-name porn company. But today, she's a Christian counselor, on the worship team, and a full-time paralegal in upstate New York. She wants her story to be an inspiration to others who want to change their path in life.

DiGregorio-Bassette, 34, calls herself the first porn star to become a pastor.

"When I was in porn, my life was all about being a sex object. Now I focus on helping people. It's a unique position -- there are salacious videos of her online that will never go away. But she said it helps people know she won't judge them.

Anybody feels that they can come to me, and that’s what I like about it. They can talk to me openly and not have to worry about me judging them. We all do wrong. Nobody’s perfect. It didn’t matter if you’ve been saved your whole life or you walk into my church with full-on tattoos. I accept them for who they are, not attack them."

It all started on Easter Sunday when DiGregorio-Bassette found herself weeping at the altar. She was in an abusive relationship at the time, and she said God released her of that in a moment she recalls as a miracle.

"God removed the veil from my eyes, I started looking at the world differently, I noticed how much people were being hurt by the porn industry and I never really thought of it before that."

She was making $30,000 a month, owned a $10 million mansion in Malibu with a Ferrari, a nightclub, two Escalades and a house in Oswego, N.Y. She flew from New York to Las Vegas and Los Angeles to do films, stripping, and other mainstream events.

But God slowly started convicting her, and eventually, she reached a point where she couldn't live that way anymore. "I decided that I wanted to help people and stop hurting people," she said. "I was blind before."

"Literally, my last two scenes were the most horrific I had to do. It felt like I was getting raped on the set, I was just sitting there reading the Bible, waiting for my scene, learning more about God."

Then she filed for bankruptcy and didn't look back.

She's lost jobs after employers found out she was a former porn star and her son has been bullied because of it.

"I wasn’t thinking about my son getting bullied. I was just thinking I would give him everything," she said. Now the two are closer than ever before now.

One of her testimonies is her friend, Amy, the only girl she ever helped get into the industry. Amy is a believer now, and DiGregorio-Bassette, whom she asked to be the pastor presiding over her upcoming wedding, has helped her stay out after quitting porn.

Another man DiGregorio-Bassette led to the Lord was William Harper, who is set to be released from prison this year. The two were friends before they became believers and Harper was imprisoned for selling bath salts

She also encourages other workers in the adult film industry to get out, if they can.

Today, DiGregorio-Bassette goes to church at Lighthouse Mexico Church of God, in Mexico, N.Y. under Pastor Ron Russell, who proudly declared his church as not a gun-free zone.

"I’m not perfect. I make mistakes. I’m going through a divorce and at times I don’t understand why, but I know everything happens for a reason. God will put you through things to make you stronger, you just can’t ever give up. You need to leave your past behind. Your rearview mirror in your car is small for a reason and your windshield is much larger because the future is bigger than your past."

Full Article:

I don't think she understands how cars work
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User Info: ForsakenHermit

4 weeks ago#2
The house she owned was in my hometown and her current church location is about 13 miles from where I live. Back when I was in high school one of coworkers used to babysit her kid, In any event if her career in porn was unfulfilling and made her miserable I'm glad she's found happiness and meaning in her life.
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User Info: LinkFanatic

4 weeks ago#3
It's no real secret that women are generally treated like s*** in the porn industry.
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User Info: LunaticCritic

4 weeks ago#4
Hey, if it works for her, good for her.
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User Info: AsaAkira

4 weeks ago#5
I wonder if she ever said the lords name in vain during her previous career?
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  3. Porn star turned pastor says she wants 'everyone to experience the Iove of God.'
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