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  3. Let's keep it simple - doesn't de ja vu "prove" that God exists?

User Info: YHWH_Saves

9 months ago#1
The last thing I want to do is debate the existence of God, and so take this partially in jest.

Most everyone I know has had a similar experience with de ja vu, on one or more occasion. And the odd thing is that almost everyone describes their experiences in the same way - as being a keen awareness of what is about to happen after becoming aware of the trigger.

This concept makes sense in light of an eternal God who exists in the "always." That we partake in His nature provides a rational explanation of how we can possible know experience something that's already happened in future, in the present. Most often, de ja vu only occurs with something mundane. For example, I'm riding in the car, and someone will say something completely trivial, like "every heard that Beatles' song?," and WHAM - I'll be in this mini-loop where I "know" I've been in this exact same scenario, in the same place, and that I somehow "know" what's going to happen next for a few moments.

I sometimes theorize that if we were to somehow become less distracted, and less focused on the material world, we'd glimpse into God's reality more often, with more important things. This would also explain why things like meditation or solemn worship are universal human functions.

What are you thoughts?
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User Info: kozlo100

9 months ago#2
For me, if this was going to be indicative of some sort of connection to a god's timeless nature, it would have to sometimes work. Like at some point you actually would know what was going to happen next, instead of just feeling like you do.

That's the other universal trait of deja vu reports, it never actually gives any real predictive power. That leads me to believe it's nothing more than a trick of the brain.
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User Info: simondrake

9 months ago#3
I believe a trick of the brain to be the prevailing explanation (Although I have not yet googled it), I seem to recall reading that a slight signal mismatch between the eyes, ears, muscles etc causes one part of the brain to 'experience' a situation a fraction of a second before another. The brain justifies this by assuming the first set of signals must have been a memory and what you're experiencing is that same memory again.

However, the lack of a scientific explanation doesn't mean it's God.
Here are some alternative explanations:
- Trick of the mind
- Symptom of neurological disease e.g. a small tumour
- Glitch in the Matrix / a mistake in the universe simulation
- Influence/sideeffect of an alien mind control/reading device
- Influence/sideeffect of a government mind control/reading device
- Knock on effect of a ripple in time caused by someone else timetraveling
- Memories of a past life coming up from your subconscious
- A doctor in the real world giving you CPR, this is all just a dream and you're in the hospital
- A failed attempt to communicate with us by people from a parallel universe / dimension
- Proof of Thor, Rama, Anubis or any other non-Judeochristian god

How we tell these options apart would be to do research into the implications of each one. Maybe some neurologists have actually studied parts of the brain that are active during deja vu and have some interesting insights. Or maybe there are people who suffer from chronic deja vu who happen to have the surname 'Connor' or 'McFly'. But until there's evidence to point towards Jehovah as the explanation there's no reason to favor that explanation over believing it's caused by aliens or a tumour.
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User Info: Hexagon

9 months ago#4
If deja vu proves god exists, then the existence of false memories proves he doesn't.

User Info: str8Knowledge

9 months ago#5
Your life is just repetitive.

User Info: CG_Angel

9 months ago#6
Time is an illusion that our brains have created to make sense of the stimuli they receive.

Everything is always happening at the same time. There is only NOW. As ghosts are an echo of the past, so deja vu is an echo of the future.

Also, meditation is indeed a way to turn up your intuitive capabilities, and synchronicity helps show you when you are on your true path.
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User Info: Fingerpuppet

9 months ago#7
It happens because of misfiring neurons. This is easily found on google.
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User Info: Storm Shadow

Storm Shadow
9 months ago#8
Eh, my deja vu has always been spot-on, so as soon as I get a sensation of it, I immediately don't do whatever it was I get the feeling I did, and it always turns out better than my vague inkling "remembers" it going. Of course, take that with a grain of salt, as I readily admit I have several dozen screws loose as it is and with the way my brain is wired, you can almost hear the fuses blowing.
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the final bahamut 9 months ago#9
kozlo100 posted...
For me, if this was going to be indicative of some sort of connection to a god's timeless nature, it would have to sometimes work. Like at some point you actually would know what was going to happen next.

That's how it works for me.

Anyway, there's no logic to TCs suggestion. Why would it be contact with God and not a demon, or aliens or a eternally recurring universe, or a mind slightly unstuck in time or just report bias
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User Info: darkmaian23

9 months ago#10
Not only does it not prove God exists, it doesn't even suggest God might exist. Deja vu is a fairly well understood neurological phenomenon, not a supernatural experience. People get the feeling that they know what is going to happen next because they feel like what is going on has happened before. People experiencing deja vu get no actual knowledge of the future or anything like that which might suggest a god was involved.

I haven't seen something this ridiculous stated seriously since I was involved in a fringe New Age group years ago.
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