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  3. Is the Bible fake?...just wondering...

User Info: YAMBAG84

1 year ago#1
What's the difference between old testament and new testament? a nutshell?

User Info: Lord_Ichmael

1 year ago#2
Those are two very different questions.

User Info: nuclearvomit

1 year ago#3
Well, it exists.

User Info: MattTheElder

1 year ago#4
OT happened first, NT happened second. Jews approve of the OT, not so much the NT.

Seriously, what are you asking?

User Info: Dagorha

1 year ago#5
Is the Bible fake? Depends on what you mean by fake but the people who could prove it one way or the other are long since dead.

What is the difference between the OT and the NT. According to Christians the NT is the sequel to the OT. They are basically just various books compiled over the years into the thing we call "The Bible"
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User Info: SockThief

1 year ago#6
I believe the Bible is 100% true. That said, some of it is allegorical or symbolic, kind of like poetry, not literal. It's generally very easy to tell which parts are historical narrative and which parts are meant to be taken symbolically of a greater truth.

The Old Testament was a description of the history of Israel, an explanation of mankind's sin problem, a case study on how God interacts with sinful man, an instruction manual for holy living, and prophecy on the future Messiah who will one day save mankind from its sins and rule the world from Israel.

The New Testament is the story of that Messiah coming to earth (Jesus Christ) and how his death on the cross cleanses us of our sins and then how he will return someday to judge and rule all nations.
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User Info: Thaeos

1 year ago#7
The New Testament is composed of the Gospel and tells of the miraculous works and love of Jesus through several different authors followed by books detailing the apostles works after Christs ascension into Heaven. The latter part of the New Testament is composed primarily of letters to churches detailing what it is to be a follower of Christ. Finally, the last book is regarding the final days.

The Old Testament is before Christs birth and tells many prophecies of Christs coming as well as depicts the very beginning and the countless stories of Gods people, in short.
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  3. Is the Bible fake?...just wondering...
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