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Am I a weak or strong atheist?

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User Info: Lord_Ichmael

4 months ago#1
For a while I've considered myself a weak atheist, but seeing some people talk about what they consider God or gods to be has made me wonder if that's right. While I believe a creator god or any number of gods are theoretically possible, I don't think it's possible that any god has absolute control over creation, is perfect, or possesses any 'omni' traits- omnipotence, omnibenevolence, omniscience, etc. I've seen several people, some here, some elsewhere, say they wouldn't consider a creator lacking such traits to be a god at all. So... considering that, am I a weak or strong atheist?

Note: I will most likely ignore anyone who tries to argue against my position on god(s); I was done with those arguments a while ago.

User Info: kozlo100

4 months ago#2
Do you believe that nothing you would personally define as a god exists? Do you think omni- traits or absolute control over creation is required to be called a god?
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User Info: SSj4Wingzero

4 months ago#3
Absolute control over creation isn't a necessary requirement to believe in *a* deity, just a lot of particular deities. You could still believe in a deity that plays a role in shaping the world even if said deity doesn't have absolute control over anything. I don't think your "I've seen several people say..." is actually a firm and solid definition of traits that a deity must have, it's just some traits that they think deities ought to have, but that's by no means a universally agreed upon statement. As long as said celestial being has *some* dominion over the natural world (even if it's not absolute), then that would count.

And even then, your use of the phrase "I don't think it's possible" suggests that you're at least open to the possibility that you *could* be wrong, just not with the given evidence that you see in front of you, which suggests "weak" atheism. A "strong" atheist statement would be something more along the lines of "It is clear and beyond any semblance of reasonable doubt that no deity exists or can ever exist, and this much is a concrete fact which can be clearly and objectively known", which is, obviously, a 'strong' statement, which is why there aren't that many "strong" atheists.

Most "strong" atheists I've met are rebellious teenagers, honestly. Most adults who don't subscribe to a particular faith are at least cognizant of the fact that it's not a provable and knowable fact, and thus are "weak" atheists who don't believe in any deities but acknowledge that there *might* be something out there that is currently unknowable. To say that there is absolutely, factually, clearly, and objectively *nothing* at all would take a rather large leap of faith, wouldn't it?
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User Info: Moorish_Idol

4 months ago#4
I'd say weak. You've ruled out the existence of some gods, not all.
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User Info: Dagorha

4 months ago#5
I think you first have to define for us what you could consider a god. Think of "God" as more like a title you bestow upon a thing or a person or whatever. You can make anything your god really but only you get to define what it means to be a god.

Christianity sort of answers this dilemma by their God just being the most superior and best thing ever and all else are just pretenders and unworthy
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User Info: SilentStare

4 months ago#6
Who cares? Ultimately, your own personal faith (or lack thereof) is what matters. I find the possibility of a plethora of gods interesting, and that is just as likely (if not, moreso) than just one existing.

User Info: darklao

4 months ago#7
I'd consider any god lacking omni traits, particularly omnibenevolence, to be just a particularly powerful being not worthy of worship. Like Superman or something, he's very plausibly godlike, certainly as good as the Greeks, but we wouldn't worship him. He's just a very powerful kindly alien or whatever.

I guess if you believe the omni-types are logically impossible, the question is whether you think any of those other guys fit the definition of a god as opposed to merely a phenomenally powerful non-god type thing, old ass evolved alien super energy being or something.

If the omnis are impossible and the others are not gods, then it seems to me that you don't believe in the possibility of a god, so strong. If any of those other guys you could imagine worshipping, then weak.
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User Info: DenimDaddy

4 months ago#8
So what if he hasn't "ruled out" any of the non-omni types of gods? I haven't ruled out the possibility that bigfoot exists, but I still believe there's no such thing.

From everything I've seen, most "weak" atheists are actually strong atheists who have a shaky understanding of what makes beliefs justified.

User Info: Dyinglegacy

4 months ago#9
From your profiling, I'd say more weak than strong.

In my experience, weak atheists are confident in their belief system, but they are more laid back about it than their obnoxious counterparts. That is to say, they are much easier (for me) to listen to. They don't believe in god/gods, but at the same time they will freely admit that they do not know everything.

A strong atheist comes off, to me, as a blithering buffoon. One who needs a drool cloth attached to their face as they spout "god does not exist", whilst struggling to even get that sentence out of their mouth, without chocking on their on own spit. Every time I see that sentence, I swear I roll my eyes so hard they break.

Maybe I have just had bad experiences with them.
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User Info: SSj4Wingzero

4 months ago#10
DenimDaddy posted...
So what if he hasn't "ruled out" any of the non-omni types of gods? I haven't ruled out the possibility that bigfoot exists, but I still believe there's no such thing.

But that's literally what "strong" atheism is

Strong atheism is "knowing that there is no God"

Even Richard Dawkins characterizes himself as a weak atheist in that sense - he's *technically* agnostic, but at the same time believes the existence of any deity to be unknowable and irrelevant, and thus is a de facto atheist.

There's a reason there are very few strong atheists - how could you possibly *know* that there is no deity anywhere in the universe? That requires a tremendous leap of faith that's generally only taken by teenagers
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