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Just a quickie

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User Info: Namikaze9

6 months ago#1
Do atheists celebrate Christmas?

User Info: GOD-KlNG

6 months ago#2
By definition, atheists don't celebrate Christmas in a religious way. Some might regard it as a commercial/social event and celebrate it as such

User Info: dhalsimrocks

6 months ago#3
Namikaze9 posted...
Do atheists celebrate Christmas?

This isn't exactly a yes or no answer.

Some want nothing to do with religious holidays and just go about their business. Some consider themselves "Christian atheists" or "cultural Christians" and do the whole kit and kaboodle, including church services, finding value in the mythology and story, even while not believing it happened literally. Others celebrate the secular values and traditions and even some of the pagan elements.

Personally, I still celebrate it but not to a point where I'm putting out nativities on display or going to church. We do the tree, gift giving (though we are a lot more modest about that), cookies and fruit cakes, etc. But mostly I just really like spending time with family and friends. It's a lot easier for them to have time off which makes it easier for all of us to get together multiple times and in greater numbers. I love to cook for people so it's an opportunity to do that. It's all just really good fun and a great way to get family and friends together.
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User Info: SSj4Wingzero

6 months ago#4
Namikaze9 posted...
Do atheists celebrate Christmas?

This kind of depends on the atheist

There are atheists out there who will refuse to have anything to do with the holiday because it's religious

There are atheists who go to church with their families because it's a tradition and they go just to appease their families

And then there's everything in between. Christmas in the US has really become secularized, and celebration of the holiday really doesn't necessarily have *that* much to do with the Christian religion.

One of the students I tutor was telling me about the tree his family put up and the presents he got...which was all the more bizarre to me because he's a Sikh who wears a turban, but that just goes to show what the holiday is nowadays.
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User Info: str8Knowledge

6 months ago#5
Hell yeah I love getting presents!

User Info: Hustle Kong

Hustle Kong
6 months ago#6
I do.
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User Info: LinksLiege

6 months ago#7
I use it as an excuse to make a big meal and have a good time with pretty lights and such.

It's the middle of winter. It's miserably cold and gray every day. You need something to look forward to.
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User Info: KarsUltimate

6 months ago#8
^I don't find it miserable if there's snow. God forbid a blizzard or hail though. (Sleet is a little less worse.)

Now sweltering heat, on the other hand... I better be at the beach, by God.
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User Info: zerooo0

6 months ago#9
GOD-KlNG posted...
By definition, atheists don't celebrate Christmas in a religious way. Some might regard it as a commercial/social event and celebrate it as such

This. I don't celebrate it religiously, but it's a good day to be with friends and family. I call it Christmas or Xmas just depends how I feel like typing/calling it.
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User Info: kozlo100

6 months ago#10
Namikaze9 posted...
Do atheists celebrate Christmas?

This atheist does.

Gifts for the family, the Santa Claus myth, the biggest tree I can afford that also fits in my house, a feast and all the rest. I do all of that. There is always well over a thousand twinkling lights on my house come December.

Midnight mass, nativity scenes, stories of three wise men. I do all that as well. My family has deep rituals surrounding Christmas, and the fact that I don't believe God exists isn't going to stop me participating in them.

That said, why we're talking about Christmas in September is beyond me. I'll thank you to not step on the toes of the best holiday of the year and keep this sort of thing in check until November 24th.
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