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religious video game fighter

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User Info: Taitao

7 months ago#1
stumbled the controversial game here. I find it offensive to religious people, just posting the news.

User Info: Hexagon

7 months ago#2
There is a whole new level of fedora atheist going on there.

User Info: str8Knowledge

7 months ago#3
Would be sick with fatalities.

User Info: JosephSmith_JR

7 months ago#4
I'm fine with this, it seems pretty silly, not something I would play, but that has nothing to do with the religious content.

Let people be offended for themselves.

User Info: CoyoteTheGreat

7 months ago#5
Christian conservatives should be celebrating this game for not being PC! Oh wait, I forgot political correctness is a one way street...
Disobedience is the stamp of the hero. -Ragnar Redbeard
Also, this is Kagata..

User Info: SSj4Wingzero

7 months ago#6
Pretty sure the people who would care to call this "offensive content" probably believe that all video games are from the devil anyway, so I doubt the content actually makes a difference
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User Info: SockThief

7 months ago#8
Do they depict Mohammed or Allah?
I steal your sock.

User Info: Al-Uzza

7 months ago#9
Muhammad wasn't a god. Neither is Moses for that matter, I guess they threw him in for his flooding action which is, needless to say, a very poor understanding of what a god is.

User Info: Moorish_Idol

7 months ago#10
The game actually is pretty fun to play... sur-frickin-prisingly.
Not everything has to be about something.
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