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Has there ever been a time where you came close to changing your beliefs?

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  3. Has there ever been a time where you came close to changing your beliefs?

User Info: LinkFanatic

6 months ago#1
I was 17 when I realized I was an atheist. I went through an angstheist phase after that, then I met a group of good Christians on Facebook who softened me up a lot. I was a little drawn to Christianity afterward, but ended up falling short in the end; I think I just needed to tear down my misconceptions. Nowadays, I'm actually a lot stricter in my atheism than I was when I deconverted. >_>

Your turn, guys.
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User Info: DigitalFury_

6 months ago#2
No, I'm staunchly atheist and confident in my non-belief. I've always been interested in the lore but I've put a bit more effort recently to learn more so I could support my newly reborn best friend
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User Info: Hustle Kong

Hustle Kong
6 months ago#3
Of course. My beliefs change and develop over time. I’m not even the same sort of atheist as I was 25 years ago. And I’m also a Buddhist and idolator.
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User Info: Moorish_Idol

6 months ago#4
Not counting my "deconversion" from Christianity and my "conversion" from atheism, I haven't been what I'd consider close to a relapse in many years. I actually feel more convicted in my present religious beliefs than either of my past two so I'm unsure what it'd even take anymore. (Not that I'm looking to convert to something else).

Maybe if I have a severe stroke someday I'll end up in a different religion or irreligious again. :P
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User Info: YHWH_Saves

6 months ago#5
Never once have I doubted the existence of God. However, I was not "Christian" until about 5 years ago. Over time, my faith has become far more what I consider to be Orthodox than contemporary.

All of these would be changes, but within the same faith system.

I would say that I haven't sporadically changed from one belief system to another, however. I feel as though it's been a constant pursuit of, and into, the same Truth.
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User Info: enigma777

6 months ago#6
Proverbs 26:4

User Info: Hexagon

6 months ago#7
Yes. Every time someone tells me they have evidence that their creator exists.

User Info: ManLink4321

6 months ago#8
Hexagon posted...
Yes. Every time someone tells me they have evidence that their creator exists.

You mean everyone's creator.
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User Info: JosephSmith_JR

6 months ago#9
Growth and development take time. Learning takes practice. It's a journey, and true conversion is a continuous process. Spiritual experiences lead to true conversion. As we teach, it is invited to become part of the process.

It isn't a one time event, more of a lifelong quest to become closer to God.

In our world today, every man, every woman, every child needs his or her OWN conversion to their truth. His or her own light, his or her own faith, independent of their parents, leaders or friends.

I was not always a Mormon, but it was part of my path to find the truth in the teachings and stories of Jesus Christ, and those of the Prophet Joseph Smith.

User Info: Kenji_Kotaro

6 months ago#10
I was never really religious to begin with so when I found a faith that suited me (Taoism, though I seriously considered Judaism at the time, too, but there weren't any Synagogues or Jewish community centers close to me so I couldn't formally convert) I stuck by it and haven't really be swayed by any arguments to convert to any other faiths by family (no-one in my family really cares outside of a couple who think my faith is weird) and friends (some have been a little vocal but not many). I have added a few deities to my shrine at home but that's about it, I haven't given up on or replaced any of them.
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  3. Has there ever been a time where you came close to changing your beliefs?

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